Our group decided to create this Erasmus+ project, because we was inspired participatory budget in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Another reason was rebuilding city center and many public consultation about this. We was heavily engaged in this problems, because we was collaborating with our mentor Peter Seremet. He was working two years like facilitator in participatory budget. We would like divide our experiences with young peoples from another country. In this way, the „Different faces of active citizenship” was born.

Our objectives was:
– extension knowledge about democracy, participatory budget, social activities
– extension European awareness among project participants
– learning rules how local, central and European government works
– known how electoral mechanism works on the local, central and European parliament level
– promotion social activity, pro-civi values among young peoples


Stowarzyszenie Aktywna Dąbrowa – non-governmental organization. Connected peoples who is interesting in sport, promotion health and active path of life. We integrated different social groups: children, young and adult. Main objective is sport promotion. We do it by the encourage peoples to physical and sport activity, arrange sport competitions, trainings, promotion active path of life and health diet. The young peoples who stay a volunteer earning a value experiences, necessary in adult world. We have realized 5 Erasmus projects for last 4 years. We have organized public consultation commissioned by the city Dąbrowa Górnicza for last 2 years.

SYTEV – non-governmental organization. Prevention social exclusion by the educational and charity actions. We make this action by the use Christianity and moral value. Main objective is support and develop non-formal education, youth networks, charity, alternative way spend a free time and create a civil society. The target group is a person between 13 and 30 years old. In this moment we have 200 members. We cooperate closely with schools.

BRNO FOR YOU ZS – non-governmental organization. We are direct young peoples to be active citizenship, personal development and integration society. Our main objective is civic and tolerant society witch members are going by the long-life education path. Brno For You philosophy is based on sentences “learning by doing”, Czech pedagogue Johna Amosa Comeniusa. We are learning society by 3 levels: 1. Education for local society, 2. Education for schools, 3. Education abroad.

Magisztrátus Alapítvány – non-governmental organization. Our main objective is non-formal education. We direct our activities to families from villages, mainly children and youth, persons with less chance and problems with learning. Families who is endangered social exclusion. We have done youth exchange, teambulding actions, trips, fold dance and music lessons for last few years.

The project group was built by youth 16-18 years old.

– Polish group, 9 participants, 1 leader
– Czech group, 9 participants, 1 leader
– Slovakian group, 9 participants, 1 leader
– Hungarian group, 9 participants, 1 leader

Learning effects:
Our project have one objective – we wanted to learn how implement participatory budget in effective way. Project „Different faces of active citizenship” allow us to extended our knowledge about implementation participatory budget in practice. We did this in non-formal way. Its means, that we learned each other, we shared knowledge, experiences and competences. We participated in quizzes, games. We organized debate in the yard, realized reportage about participatory budget in Dąbrowa Górnicza and we discovered new passion and interesting inside us. During the project we had many meetings and discussion with experts from MEP’s office and PR specialist. In this way project participants develop knowledge about democracy and civil society. This project was occasion to extend our information about history of democracy, European Parliament, suffrage in our countries. We realized documentary, when we directly answered on question “What are the active civil attitudes for us?”.

Thanks to the project we have gained main competence:
– develop of social and civic competences in the field of promoting attitudes of civic activity within the framework of democracy by implementing the idea of ​​a participatory budget. Dąbrowa Górnicza was one of the first city in Poland, who implement a participatory budget in life. In this way we recognize by the kitchen this democracy model.
– deepen competences in the field of integration in international groups. We knows youth peoples from Slovakia, Czech and Hungary, who had similar passions – realizing the idea of ​​active civic attitudes.
– extend abilities to use English in practice.
– develop competences to team work
– knowledge about culture and traditions foreign partners.

During the project we met with persons, who was responsible for participatory budget by different levels. It was vicemarshal Polish Parliament Barbara Dolniak, MEP Jan Olbrycht, councilor of the city council Robert Witecki and facilitator a participatory budget in Dąbrowa Górnicza – Piotr Seremet.

Thanks to this meetings we could meet a participatory budget idea closer. It is one of the way to citizen decide about their closer environment. Polish group show us an idea to create participatory budget for schools in Dąbrowa Górnicza. Association Aktywna Dąbrowa based on this idea, applied to Fundusz Inicjatyw Obywatelskich for raise founds. In this moment we waiting for contest results, it will know 31.03.2019.


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